Portable Enso Launcher community edition

This project is maintained by thdoan

Enso Portable

A fork of GChristensen's portable distribution of the community version of Humanized Enso Launcher for Windows (with additional commands and functionality).


Enso is a GUI-less application launcher that is both influenced by and dedicated in memory of Jef Raskin, the father of the Apple Macintosh project. It incorporates many ideas about human-computer interfaces from Jef's book, The Humane Interface. In fact, Enso's original developer, Humanized, was led by Jef's son Aza Raskin.

Enso allows you to launch programs found in the Windows Start Menu (or picked manually using the learn as open command), and perform many other operations from the command line triggered by pressing the Caps Lock key. It's possible to extend Enso and easily create your own commands using the Python programming language.


  1. Click 'Clone in Desktop' button or type git clone https://github.com/thdoan/enso-portable.git from the command line. If you don't have Git installed, then click the 'Download ZIP' button, extract the 'enso-portable-master' folder to anywhere on your hard drive (it's portable after all), and rename it to 'enso-portable'.
  2. Download python.7z and extract the contents to the 'enso-portable\enso\python' folder (you'll need to install 7-Zip first).
  3. Double-click on 'enso-portable\enso\run-enso.exe' to launch Enso.



GChristensen: I haven't found any Enso command package suitable for my needs, so I decided to make my own one. If you like Enso, you can use the source code freely as you wish.

Additional Functionality (not found in the original Enso)

Additional Commands


Known Issues