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Scalem JS

A jQuery plugin to make any element scalable (responsive).

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Scalem, short for scale elements or slang for scale 'em, is a light-weight responsive text jQuery plugin inspired by FlowType. Use it to "liquify" elements on your website so that they scale relative to the width of their parent element or, optionally, any element you specify (see Options below). Scalem is not just limited to text sizeā€”it can be used to scale any CSS style that takes a numeric unit such as px, em, or %.

See a demo »


Options can be passed via data attributes or JavaScript (see Usage below). For data attributes, append the option name after "data-scale-", for example data-scale-ratio="1".

Name Type Default Description
ratio number 0.5 Scale ratio, where 1 scales the element to 100% the width of the reference element.
reference string parent Selector to the reference element (text will scale relative to this element's width).
styles string '' Space-separated list of CSS properties to scale in addition to font-size.


<h1>Scalable Heading</h1>
<p id="txt" data-scale-ratio=".25">
  Scalable Text
  <button class="btn">Scalable Button</button>
$(document).ready(function() {
  // Scale heading using default options
  // Scale text to 25% of the document's width using data attribute
  // Scale button to 100% the width of the <h1>, while also keeping its
  // border ratio and width proportionate, by passing object properties
    ratio: 1,
    reference: 'h1',
    styles: 'border-radius border-width'


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